What is the Best Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you’re searching for pet-friendly and durable flooring options, waterproof vinyl plank (LVP) could be the answer. Not only is this type of LVP impervious to moisture intrusion, but it won’t expand and damage subflooring either!

Choose a waterproof vinyl product with an extra thick wear layer for areas with high traffic or households with active children and pets, such as high schools. A 20 mil wear layer or thicker is necessary to avoid scuffs and tears in your floor covering.

Easy to Clean

Waterproof vinyl plank (LVP) flooring comes in many designs to fit every type of home. It is trendy in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility areas such as laundry rooms, where spills and messes occur more often.

Therefore, if you need durable floors that can easily be maintained while being moisture-resistant, waterproof vinyl is an ideal solution because no sealant needs to be applied, and it resists moisture build-up.

Regular sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming is the most effective way to clean waterproof vinyl plank floors. Be sure to set your vacuum for bare floor mode to avoid scratching the flooring surface and avoid harsh brush attachments such as beater bars.

Regular wet mopping with a microfiber pad can also help rid floors of sticky debris and add an extra shine. Always wring your mop pad well before each use to avoid leaving excess water behind on your floor; string or steam mops may damage vinyl plank floors in ways they cannot.

To eliminate stubborn stains, use baking soda or vinegar on a microfiber cloth and rub until the stain is removed. For ink or grease spots, dampen a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol and start working from its edge until all marks have been eliminated.

Easy to Install

Vinyl plank flooring is easy to install yourself, even without professional assistance. Choose from click-together styles that snap together without glue or power tools.

Most brands also provide underlayments that help absorb sound and increase comfort underfoot.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and utility spaces such as laundry rooms are high-traffic spaces prone to spills and moisture build-up, making waterproof vinyl plank flooring an intelligent investment that will last years with minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Waterproof vinyl plank floors come in various thicknesses, and the thicker the floor is, the more it can withstand foot traffic and pets. 

Thicker floors also boast an enhanced wear layer to minimize scratching and scuffing; some of our best-selling waterproof vinyl plank floors feature up to 28 mil wear layers, making them excellent options for busy households.

Durable vinyl plank floors can withstand all the wear and tear associated with busy families and home life thanks to their scuff-proof designs, sound-absorbing cores, and textured finishes. 

Some offer looks similar to natural wood, while others boast realistic stone textures – choose one that meets your style preferences and budget – and look at our Waterproof Flooring Guide for assistance in choosing waterproof vinyl plank floors for your space!

Easy to Maintain

Waterproof plank flooring can be an excellent option for high-traffic areas susceptible to spills and messes, like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility spaces such as laundry rooms. 

Featuring multiple design options that fit with any room decor style and easy care capabilities that ward off scratches and dents for more extended wear, waterproof plank floors make an excellent addition to high-traffic spaces where liquid spillage occurs regularly. 

Kitchens, bathrooms, and utility spaces such as laundry rooms make suitable environments for this flooring option.

When purchasing waterproof vinyl flooring, take note of its wear layer thickness (measured in mils or thousandths of an inch). 

A thicker wear layer can better resist stains and damage, so 12 mil thickness is often considered ideal for everyday use in most households.

Pet-friendly flooring such as vinyl is also ideal since it can withstand accidental scratching from pets. Furthermore, its moisture resistance makes it perfect for basements and bathrooms.

Luxury vinyl and rigid core vinyl plank (LVT/LVP) flooring options are among the most enduring and durable waterproof vinyl floors on the market, boasting a convincing hardwood-like appearance and coming in various styles to meet any design scheme. 

Both models can easily be laid over most existing surfaces for an effortless DIY installation experience.


The highest-performing waterproof vinyl plank flooring features a solid core that makes it more resilient than traditional vinyl planks, providing extra abrasion protection from heavy foot traffic, spills, and pet accidents. Ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and utility rooms or open-concept living spaces.

Long and wide planks of these floors make it easy to create the custom look you desire in any room, and wood-look waterproof vinyl that resembles the texture and grain of natural hardwood floors.

Some vinyl plank manufacturers even provide warranties to ensure you can be assured of their durability, typically covering wear layer durability and structural integrity and installation issues.

Waterproof planks make an economical and straightforward alternative to natural porcelain tile flooring, offering less expense and easier installation. Use glue-down or loose-lay methods or snap-together planks for floating floors.

Mannington offers multiple styles and colors of waterproof vinyl plank flooring designed to suit any lifestyle. At the same time, its Modin line has two durability tiers and ceramic bead technology wear layers for long-term use. Meanwhile, CoreLuxe offers the look of reclaimed oak at more reasonable price points.


In conclusion, identifying the best waterproof vinyl plank flooring involves considering material quality, water resistance, durability, and style preferences. 

Whether for a busy household or a high-moisture area, carefully evaluating options, such as core construction and wear layer thickness, will guide you toward selecting a resilient and visually appealing flooring solution. 

Invest in the best waterproof vinyl plank flooring to enjoy your space’s functionality and aesthetic excellence.

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